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Will Wood began working in 2015, and quickly began attracting attention and controversy with his indecipherable public persona and varying performance styles. Joined by his band The Tapeworms, Wood confused and excited audiences and press with his eccentricity, genre-defying style, and tongue-in-cheek but emotional lyrics. He soon began to garner a worldwide cult following and intensely polarized reactions that have only further obfuscated his constantly-shifting image and vision.

Wood released two albums ("Everything is a Lot" 2015 "SELF-iSH" 2016) with a variety of bands before Mario Conte (drums), Mike Bottiglieri (guitar), Matt Berger (saxophone), and Vater Boris (bass), came together in 2017.

“The Normal Album" (2020) is his first album following dropping "The Tapeworms" from his moniker, and is his most polarizing, musically diverse, and lyrically dense album yet. The album is available now at say-10.com.

Will Wood's latest release, the single "Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll," is a humorous but vulnerable piano ballad, and is accompanied by a self-directed and self-referential music video.

Wood is now in pre-production on his latest effort, "In Case I Make It" (working title), which was funded on Indiegogo at 400% of its original goal, reaching $300,000, making it one of the highest-funded musical projects in online crowdfunding history.

Will Wood's work extends beyond just singer-songwriter. Wood is known for his abstract, psychedelic, or dark visual art created for his Patreon-exclusive zine "The Prescription," as commissions (tattoos, wall art, etc) and as pieces for gallery showings. Visit here to commission him for a piece.

Wood also works as a filmmaker, his award-winning concert film "The Real Will Wood" now available via Amazon Prime Video here. He has also directed or co-created all of his music videos.

After entering recovery early in his career, Wood was diagnosed with Bipolar and began treatment. He has since taken a new direction with his work, giving back and using his music to raise money for mental health research and inspire others. He leads a reclusive life in Pennsylvania, rejecting social media and rarely making public appearances.

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