Throughout the past few years of instability, unrest, half-delusional paranoia and gut-wrenching introspection, with the world half-dead and my career blowing up in my face, I quietly wrote my biggest and most personal collection of songs yet. For some likely chemical reason, I was convinced I would die any day for about a year or so, so I damn near had an aneurysm desperately trying to get these feelings into song and get the songs out into the world in case I died. And as a morbid joke to myself, I giggled through the countless sleepless nights at the idea of releasing "In Case I Die."

But as I wrote, I also grew and fought and wrestled with things that suck inside my stupid "artist" brain, and started to throw out a lot of the old assumptions I'd made about what I or an artist is supposed to be, and what that means about who I'm supposed to be outside of my art. And as I worked to pull myself out of that place, I made the decision to hope despite all the very good reasons not to. So here's what I'm doing with the songs I've written since my journey to humanity began: "In Case I Make It."

I'm building my most brutally honest, raw, personal, and intricately arranged and written album to date. I'm not trying to impress anyone or blow your mind or scare your parents or whatever people think I was going for with my earlier stuff. I'm just trying to be real, and introduce you to the person behind the person I've left behind.

I'm hosting an indiegogo campaign to fund it, and I'll be personally overseeing the production of some really exclusive, rare, over-the-top perks including campaign-exclusive merch, unique vinyls and CDs, and once in a lifetime experiences and chances to work with me and my team. I'm going to make sure that even if for some reason you hear this new music and want to punch my head off, you'll still have a highly unique and valuable piece of art or merch, and/or some adventurous memories that only you got to have.

Take a look around at the campaign, which launches midnight 9/27. I think you'll find it really exciting. I'm excited myself. Nervous even. I don't get stage fright, but I'm taking some new risks here. Because I think good art happens when you give your audience what they want, but great art happens when you give them something they didn't know they could ask for, and as I look for a deeper connection with the world at large (and money, I'm a sap not a liar) I want to try and give you the second one.

Thanks so much for all the support you've given so far, and for any support you give from here out, however much and whatever kind it might be.

something with enough resemblance to love to almost be able to call it that,

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"nothing short of a glistening avant-pop gem."




Will Wood stumbled into the spotlight in 2015, and immediately began attracting attention and controversy with his indecipherable and provocative public persona and varying performance styles. Joined by his band The Tapeworms, Wood confused and excited audiences and press with his genre-defying musical style, uniquely clever and emotional lyricism, tongue-in-cheek attitude, and eccentric public appearances. Not long after, he began to develop a worldwide cult following and garner intensely polarized reviews and reactions that have only further obfuscated his constantly-shifting image and vision.

After entering recovery at the beginning of his career, Wood was diagnosed with Bipolar and began treatment. He has since taken a new direction with his work, dedicated to giving back and using his music to raise money for mental health research and inspire others with their own struggles. He leads a reclusive life in rural NJ, rejecting social media with the exception of Patreon. (

His latest release, “The Normal Album" is his first album following dropping "The Tapeworms" from his moniker. However the album still features Mike Bottiglieri, Mario Conte, Vater Boris, and Matt Berger. "The Normal Album" is his most polarizing, musically diverse, virtuosic, and lyrically dense album yet, and explores the concept of normality through various lenses and alternating viewpoints, featuring songs in every genre from disco to klezmer. The Normal Album is available now at

Will Wood's work extends beyond his career as a singer-songwriter. Wood is known for his abstract, psychedelic, or dark cartoon visual art created for his Patreon-exclusive zine "The Prescription," as commissions (tattoos, wall art, etc) and as standalone pieces for gallery showings. Visit here to commission him for a piece.

Wood also works as a filmmaker, his award-winning concert film/mockumentary "The Real Will Wood" debuting in 2019 and now available via Amazon Prime Video here. He has also directed, written, or produced all of his music videos.

Will Wood's latest release features music from his first commissioned score; the soundtrack for an upcoming horror-comedy podcast called "Camp Here & There." Wood plans to begin work on his next major release following The Normal Album shortly after its completion.

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