"nothing short of a glistening avant-pop gem."



Will Wood has been said to have appeared out of nowhere, stumbling out of a hallucinogenic haze in 2015.  He immediately began attracting attention with his eccentric public persona and constantly shifting musical style.

Over the past few years, Wood and his band "The Tapeworms" (Matt Berger, Vater Boris, Mike Bottiglieri, Mario Conte) have developed an uncomfortably large cult following and received rave reviews from media outlets and fans alike from all over the world.

Shortly after entering recovery at the beginning of his career, Wood was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and began treatment. He has since dedicated much of his work to giving back through charity, and using his music to try and inspire others with their own struggles. He now leads a reclusive life in rural New Jersey, abandoning social media.

As a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist, Will Wood works primarily as a Patreon creator when not on tour (learn more here). Will Wood & the Tapeworms' merch, album art, and videos are created by Wood as well, and he accepts commissions here.

Will Wood & the Tapeworms have just released their first studio album since 2016, "The Normal Album," (Say-10 Records) which was crowdfunded at $27K and features the work of multi-platinum producer Matt Squire. 



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